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Sterling silver 6 Piece Dresser Service by
Dominick & Haff in the Renaissance Pattern c. 1890
from the Ames Family of North Easton, MA

Anyone who knows or collects h824aDominick & Haff's Renaissance pattern will be overwhel med by these items. Outrageo usly ornate, featuring the 'North Wind Face,' highly stylized strapwor k, foliate and floral scrolls, acanthus leaves, grape clusters and wild animal masks, these pieces have to be seen to be believed. The mirror is, quite simply, the piece-de-resistance of any collection. This set comprises a hand mirror, two brushes, a comb, buttonhook and sterling covered cut glass jar. The set is generally in very good condition, with wear to the gilding. One brush has been restored at the handle join.  It is monogrammed in a cursive style 'FHA' - Fannie Holt Ames.

Provenance:  the Ames family of North Easton, MA

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